Modern Home Decoration Indoor Waterfall Tabletop Rockery Water Fountain With Led Light Ball


Height: 25 cm Special Features: Illuminated, Easy to use
Width: 19 cm Care Instruction: Wipe Clean
Length: 15 cm Power source: Battery Powered
Quantity : 1 Color: Multicolor
Eco-Friendly Maintenance free

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After a stressful day at work, getting home to the relaxing sound of water falling down the water fountain. It relieves the stress and anxiety you’ve been experiencing outside of the home and provides you with extreme relief and mental rest. Also, it can be beneficial to drift off to sleep with the calming music if you have trouble sleeping in your bedroom and want to have a magical night. So, this indoor water fountain can be a wonderful option for your home and provide your lovely area an opulent appearance.
There are psychological advantages which are associated with the indoor water fountain that has a direct impression with your brain and alleviates the neurochemicals that relay stress to the brain. it?s recommended for the people who are very anxious to go to beaches and listen to the crashing sound of waves because being exposed to water can increase your psychological health. hence, the water fountains are the paradigm of that saying at your homes making you feel happy with your family.
The water fountain can be placed in various places like corridors, saloons, homes and offices. The indoor water fountain functions in a way that doesn?t spill the water out and cascades it from the top down to the pond in a very nice flow. The charming sound will release the pain and stress from you and bring your environment a positive energy plus vitality. It?s said these fountains are the sign of harmony and balance.

? Serenity Fountain: Fountains are great for adding tranquility to any place; put this fountain on your desk to make your cubicle, office or work area more relaxing; can also be used in the living room, bedroom, table or counter for Add sparkle to your room
? Design: The desktop fountain with color-changing LED lights is used, which is more beautiful, simple and generous. Use this Zen table fountain to add a touch of fashion and tranquility to your home or office.
? Decorative desktop fountain: The elegant appearance and perfect size can add color to any desktop, living room, bedroom or office table decoration. Your guests must be surprised and liked after seeing it.
? High quality: The indoor desktop fountain is made of high-quality unsaturated polyester resin, handmade, sturdy and durable. This fountain is stylish and elegant, bringing soothing and wonderful to your home and courtyard.
? Enjoy the soothing sound of water: Enjoying the soothing sound of water is a sensory experience while enjoying the tranquility in a dimly lit room or on a table outside the terrace at night. It makes you feel like you are in nature.

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Dimensions 15 × 19 × 26 cm


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