About Us

Babazam UAE

the babazam UAE is a pioneer e-commerce website which offers extensive range of home decor products within UAE’s states. the product’s category are ranging from artificial flowers, Trees, plants, water fountains, table lamps, scented candles, to laundry baskets, Gifts and decorative arrangements.

Decoration of your sweet homes are an essential part of your life. it accentuates the beauty of your houses and gives it a warm scene than a bumpy and rustic look. the trees & flowers are the imitation of natural beauty and make your rooms to have a fantastic atmosphere.

the water fountain is proven to have a direct impression with your neuro-chemical part of your brain and can alleviate the anxiety and stress of your endless day of work.

we are here to offer you the best quality products and guaranteed prices.

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Our Team

the babazam UAE has a dedicated team of employees who work around the clock tirelessly & effortlessly to make sure their customers get the best possible services and support.

our business is located in Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates. we are available 24/7 to support our beloved customers and answer to their queries as prompt as possible.

You can reach us out by email to support@babazam.com or alternatively dial + 971 422 95959 to call us.


Shipping & Delivery Areas

even-though the recent pandemic affected the logistic and operation of the eCommerce companies  it only takes you up to 4 days to receive your orders from the day of placing them.

Our last mile delivery team working hard to hand over your orders at the earliest period of time.

We are also partnered with prestigious shipping companies to deliver your orders to the marginalized areas of UAE where shipping orders are hard to handle quickly.

however, if you have any quires regarding your shipments please contact us with the following number or you can drop us an email to


+ 971 422 95959