4-Piece Taper Scented Candle Set Purple 18 x 6.5cm


Height:18 cm Material: Soy Wax
Width: 6.5 cm Colour : Purple
Length: 10 cm Special features: Scented
Pleasant Odor Quantity: 4 pieces
Eco-Friendly Maintenance free

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Calming and Relaxing

Your Scented Taper Candles promote zen through their therapeutic aroma that follow the aromatherapy technics without the artificial synthetic scents so you can find peace, relax, and recenter.
Premium and Ethically Sourced

Your Taper Scented Candles is made of the finest ingredients with carefully crafted and hand-poured 100% pure soy wax, so they?re cruelty free and vegan friendly. Plus, their wicks are cotton: lead-free, no soot, so they’re less toxic and make a lovely, long lasting, and clean burn. They come in elegant box complete with beautiful packaging that is lovingly handmade.
Commitment Beyond Promise

Designed to be classic and beautiful, your Taper Scented Candles completes your home d?cor, and add a loving touch to your events and activities: yoga practice, spa, aromatherapy, birthday celebrations, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother?s & Father?s Days, and many other holidays, delighting people of all ages. So, take a moment, you’ve earned it.
Lifestyle-Defining Influence

Guaranteed to bring utter joy and satisfaction, your Taper Scented Candles highlights your tasteful collection of simply elegant and luxurious candles.

Additional information

Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 18 cm


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