YUYAO Artificial Flowers Rose Bouquets with Steel Stable Vase, White


Modern Shape Height: 22 cm
No of Pieces: 1 Width: 12 cm
Durable material Length: 12 cm
Robust structure Natural Appeal
Material: Stainless Steel 100% satisfaction
Eco-Friendly Maintenance free

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Plant pot
The plant pot is expertly made and brightly colored to imitate natural plants in a realistic and organic way. Its pot is partially composed of partially out of high-quality Stainless Steel, adding to its durability. The plant pot is a fake version of the real plants you have in your lovely homes and workplaces.

Environmentally Friendly Materials
We want you to maintain a connection to nature while you switch from live to artificial flowers. To care for the plants, we utilize environmentally safe materials. To cut down on plastic waste, the stems, flowers, and foliage are manufactured from recycled plastic. However, galvanized metal is used to create solid constructions like the pot. Whether this is your first fake plant or you are purchasing a new addition to your collection, be confident knowing that your decision is in keeping with the principles of nature.

Use and Care
When the flowers are taken out of the box, you can use your hands to arrange them properly and to your satisfaction so that they appear more natural and full. You can firmly bend any out-of-place stems or leaves back into shape.


  • Unique design and durability
  • Stainless Steel
  • 100% happier experience
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 22 cm


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